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Oral Surgery

Gentle & Expert Care

Summit Boulevard Dental is happy to have our patients get all of their dental needs met in one convenient location. Whether someone is dealing with a dental infection, traumatic injury, or pesky wisdom tooth, our oral surgeon is able to provide the solutions our patients need using an expert touch and soothing sedation. If you’re experiencing any kind of dental pain, oral surgery may ultimately be your key to relief, and you can get it right here at our office located within The Summit.


Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

While our number one goal is to help our patients preserve all of their natural teeth for as long as possible, sometimes the absolute best thing we can do for someone’s oral or overall health is remove one. We may choose to extract a tooth if:

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

X-ray and model of tooth to be extracted

The “wisdom teeth” are just the common name for the third set of molars, and they typically start to come in around the ages of 16-21. Most people simply don’t have enough room in their mouth to accommodate these teeth, which can cause jaw pain, teeth crowding, and even an infection to develop as they erupt. Should your wisdom teeth, or those of your child, ever become a problem, we can extract them right here. We’ll also keep an eye on them during regular checkups so we can remove them before they cause any problems.

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Bone Grafting

examining dental X-ray

We often recommend dental implants as the best way to replace missing teeth. However, many patients lack adequate bone density and height to support the implants. We remedy this problem by grafting either artificial or natural bone (taken from elsewhere in a patient’s body) onto a person’s jaw. The new material bonds with the tissue around it, creating a strong base for the new, implant-supported smile that is soon to follow. If we’re adding just a small amount of bone, we might be able to perform the graft at the same time as the implant placement surgery. In other circumstances, a healing period of several months must take place between the graft and the time when a patient can receive implants.

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Sinus Lift

sinus lift

After tooth loss or due to gum disease, the bone at the top of the mouth may begin to deteriorate. As a result, the sinuses fall, which makes it impossible to place dental implants without penetrating the sinus membrane. A sinus lift procedure is a special type of oral surgery in Reno. First, we make an incision in the back of the upper jaw. Then, we gently lift the sinuses before we perform a bone graft; typically, we must increase the bone’s thickness by several millimeters. Once a patient heals from the sinus lift procedure (which may take several months), there will be enough bone to support the dental implants without any risk to the sinuses.



Most dentists perform an oral cancer screening as part of a routine examination. If they notice anything unusual, they may refer patients to another practice or cancer specialist to receive a biopsy. We can perform biopsies right here in our office. We extract a small amount of tissue from a suspicious lesion or lump within the mouth or surrounding structures. Then, the sample can be examined to determine its exact nature and whether it is a threat to a patient’s overall health. In most cases, a biopsy is a relatively quick procedure that is performed under local anesthesia.

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