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CPAP Alternatives – Reno, NV

Finding More Comfortable Ways to Treat Sleep Apnea

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For years, dentists have been using CPAP machines to treat sleep apnea. While they’re usually effective in treating the disorder, many patients stop using them, either because they’re too disruptive or because they cause additional problems. At Summit Boulevard Dental, we know it’s important for our patients to be absolutely comfortable with their treatment; that’s why, if you’re having trouble using CPAP, we’re pleased to offer oral appliance therapy as an alternative. If you’re ready to have a good night’s sleep again, contact our office today!

How Do CPAP Machines Work?

Woman with CPAP machine

A person with sleep apnea repeatedly stops breathing while they’re asleep, forcing the body to wake up briefly to get some air. This disorder is often caused by physical blockage of the airway, usually by relaxed tissues in the mouth and throat; this is also known as obstructive sleep apnea.

A CPAP machine can help treat this condition by making sure that there’s a continuous airflow. The patient wears a facial mask through which a steady stream of oxygen is delivered. This keeps the airways open, thus stopping the blockage that triggers sleep apnea from occurring in the first place.

Issues with Using CPAP

CPAP Machine

Unfortunately, despite their effectiveness, almost half of all people who have been prescribed a CPAP machine stop using it after one year. The most obvious reason for this is the noise; many patients simply can’t fall asleep while the machine is on, which essentially makes the treatment pointless. Spouses, roommates and other nearby sleepers might also be disturbed.

Other reasons often given to stop using CPAP include:

Oral Appliance Therapy as a CPAP Alternative

Sleep apnea appliance

For patients who find CPAP to be inconvenient or ineffective, many dentists recommend oral appliance therapy to help sleep apnea in Reno. The appliance adjusts the mouth in a way to prevent the airway from becoming blocked. This could mean shifting the jaw forward or making sure the tongue stays in place. The appliance will be custom-made for comfort, and you can speak clearly and drink normally while wearing one.

Oral appliances have a very high success rate; in fact, nearly 95% of patients who wear them say they slept much better with them! If you’re looking for quieter, easier-to-use CPAP alternatives in Reno, ask your dentist at Summit Boulevard Dental about oral appliance therapy.

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